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General description VIRIPROST DETERGENT

It is a cosmetic formulated for cleansing and hygiene in case of intimate male conditions. It can also be used in urological post-surgical maintenance for cleaning and hygiene of the affected areas.
It is a product formulated with a series of different extremely delicate surfactants stabilized at pH NEUTRAL (6.8-7.0).
It contains a series of extracts and natural derivatives that give the product particular dermocosmetic and dermatological functions.

Aloe gel

It is pure aloe gel titrated in active ingredients (10%) of Italian biological origin.
Aloe gel and other biocalifying molecules reduce redness, irritation and itching of the skin and mucous membranes.

Basil extract

It is a glycolic concentrate obtained from basil. It has strong antibacterial properties and is active at very low doses with a lasting action. It acts against a whole series of bacteria (see web) and also has a good anti-odor action.

Thyme extract

Thyme is used as an antibacterial, deodorizing and sanitizing agent.

Usnea barbata extract

Usnea barbata is a powerful anti-fungal antibacterial with an action very similar to that of antibiotics. Facilitates scarring, reduces the risk of developing bacteria and micro-organisms harmful to the skin. Facilitates the restoration of the normal conditions of the skin in case of skin infections.

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